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International Women’s Group IWG

The International Women’s Group at the Potsdam-Golm Science Park warmly welcomes all women and their families newly arrived in Potsdam.

More and more scientists are moving abroad to tackle new interesting challenges, projects and jobs, and many are taking their partners and families with them. Family members who emigrate with them have to give up their own careers, their familiar surroundings, friends and acquaintances.  In return they are faced with a new language, unfamiliar customs and foreign cultures.

Our group is there to help women and families to get settled in Germany, to familiarise themselves with the local way of life, to make friends and to cope with all situations that may arise in day-to-day life. Whether it’s registering for a kindergarten place, a visit to the doctor, or simply going out for a quiet coffee – the IWG provides a place where you can meet others and discuss things, or get to know women from Germany, your home country or anywhere in the world. Women and families from Potsdam also use our meetings to learn about other cultures and to make new contacts.

Having no specific political or religious orientation and being run on a non commercial basis, the IWG at the Science Park is open to people of all nationalities. Ask about our monthly activities: we'd love to hear from you!

„The IWG provides helpful information for practical things that help in getting settled, and wonderful support of other women in similar situations. … how valuable the IWG is for the children as well. Having ‘native’ children offer information and advice to the newcomers children is also extremely beneficial.“

Cynthia (USA)

„Joining IWG in January 2012 was one of the best decisions i made  …. I am thankful that IWG celebrates diversity and cultures. What i enjoyed most about the coffees was the fact that we would share experiences and exchange ideas and most important feel part of a group of wonderful women.“

Faith (Kenia)

„Ich erfahre viel über fremde Länder und fremde Sitten und Kulturen, Dinge, die man als Tourist nicht unbedingt erfährt. Auf der anderen Seite macht es mir auch Spaß, den Frauen unsere Kultur und unsere Sitten näher zu bringen und einen kleinen Beitrag dazu zu leisten, dass sie sich bei uns wohl fühlen.“

Eva (Potsdam)

„IWG is a great chance for all ladies, whether accompanying wives, mothers-at-home or students, to socialize and talk about their experience, meet others in a similar situation and also learn about how things tick here in Potsdam and, if needed, get help. Especially for those, who are here for only a short time and have very limited time to learn German or find friends, it is a good opportunity to prevent feeling alienated, isolated and bored.
A great initiative, and much needed!“

Marta (Polen)

„Since I’m not working at the moment, the only few people I knew were my boyfriend’s mostly male co-workers at Golm. Meeting the women at the IWG was so refreshing and encouraging. I felt right away that I now have a network of people who will help me if I need medical assistance or if I just want to call up somebody when I feel homesick or would like to chat over a cup of coffee.
The best thing about the IWG is that it brings together women, who are living away from their home towns, their relatives and friends, who are a bit lost in their new environment and gives them a sense of community, of belonging and support – I cannot wait to get together again with all of them at our next meeting.“

Urska (Slovenia)