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In this section you’ll find details of some of the regular meetings organised by the International Women’s Group. Children of all ages are welcome at every event.


Morning Coffee

Sitting down together for a coffee, relaxing! Our Morning Coffee get-togethers at the GO:IN are an opportunity for you to make new contacts, get advice, exchange information or simply to get the day off to a cosy start.

All meetings are scheduled in our monthly calendar.

On the third Friday of every month

International Lunch

The International Lunch is held on the third Friday of every month. One of our women cooks a dish from her country of origin and takes the opportunity to explain to the rest of us a little about the history and preparation of the dish. Similarly, local German women often present typical German products as well as preparation tips and recipes. These lunches are a great opportunity to make new friends in an uncomplicated way and to exchange views and information.

You’ll find more details in our monthly calendar.

The last Monday of every month

Night out

We arrange a group night out on the last Monday of every month to the Babelsberg cinema, where films are shown in the original language version with German subtitles.
These events usually begin at 9 o’clock in the evening. Either we all meet at the GO:IN and drive to the cinema together or we meet up right outside the cinema.

You can find more specific information in the calendar each month.

German and international traditions

Whether it’s Christmas, Easter or St. Martin’s Day – traditional holidays are a great opportunity to familiarise yourself with German customs and traditions. You can participate in all of our meetings all year round and join us as we celebrate our German festivals. The events are often scheduled for the afternoons so that your children can also join. You can learn more through our monthly calendar.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our events!