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We’re glad to be of service, before and during your stay with us.

We’ll do our best to help and support you and to make your stay here as pleasant as possible. The following is a list of some of the specific areas in which we can offer you assistance.

Please get in contact with us at: picc@wisspark.de


Finding somewhere to live

Looking for a flat or room?

We’ll go through the available offers with you and will contact the individual landlords or estate agents on your behalf. In addition we’ll help you with every aspect of house hunting from the legal formalities and contracts to communications. In addition that we’ll also help get you connected to electricity, Internet and telephone.

Mothers & Babies

International 'Krabbelgruppe'

The International “Krabbelgruppe” welcomes new mothers and their babies. The Mom's group, an initiative of the PICC's International Women's Group, is a good way to get to know other mothers and their babys (0 - 24 months), exchange experiences and make friends. The group meets Thursday. You need to enroll to join this group. schneider@wisspark.de

Loans desk

Loans desk

If you are moving in to your new apartment you might need to hang up some shelves, a clock or pictures but don't want to buy a drill for this one time. For this reason we have started the loans desk. We have a drill, various tools and other useful things you can borrow. Come check us out.

Health insurance

Health insurance: obligatory in Germany

Health insurance is a mandatory requirement for all people residing in Germany. We’ll work with you to analyse your specific requirements and help you find the most appropriate health insurance package for you and your dependants.

Opening a bank account

Money matters are far easier when you have a bank account

Having a bank account makes it significantly easier to take receipt of your salary and other income and to make payments yourself. We’ll support your efforts to find a bank and will help you to open an account.


Dealing with the authorities made easy

Dealing with the authorities can be complicated and confusing. We’ll be happy to help you whenever you’re unsure about what’s required or need additional information. Whether you need a driver’s licence, a certificate of good conduct, to register with the local government residents’ registration office or any other situation that requires you to deal with the authorities – we’ll identify the correct authority and will let you know who you need to contact there.


Are you properly insured?

If you’re unsure as to whether or not you’re properly insured and for the right amount we can go through your paperwork with you. After that we’ll assess whether you need to take further action and will help you find the right insurance package if necessary.

Book Swap

World literature at the Book Swap

Our Book Swap is stocked with books that visiting scientists have left behind after their stay here. Why not have a look around? We’re bound to have a book in a language that will be of interest to you. Pop in, take a book and leave a book, or bring it back once read. If you are leaving the country and want to get rid of some of your books just contact us and we would be happy to take them for the book swap.
Contact: schneider@wisspark.de